Did You Know China Is Hiding These 15 Secrets From The World?

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Updated on 4 Feb, 2017 at 6:13 pm


World’s most populous country and an emerging super power, China, has crossed all barriers to become what it is today. It has hosted the Olympics and several other international events to let the world know that it has arrived on the world map.

However, there are many hidden secrets in the Dragon’s den. Take a look at some of them:

  • Poverty

Around 100 million Chinese survive on less than $1 a day.

  • Executions

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In 2005, China executed prisoners four times more than rest of the world combined! There were 1770 executions in an year by firing at prisoners.

  • Air pollution

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Just like the Great Wall of China, China is also famous for air pollution. The haphazard urban planning coupled with rapid industrialisation has rendered the air unfit for use. The jetstreams have carried the polluted air from China all the way to northern California and most of the air pollution in San Francisco is imported from China!

  • Limit on reincarnation

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In an attempt to reduce Dalai Lama’s influence over the people, the Chinese government has banned Buddhist monks from reincarnating.

  • World’s largest empty mall

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In a unique feat, China boasts about having the world’s largest empty shopping mall- the New South China Mall. It has space for about 2350 shops which remain unoccupied except few eating joints at the entrance.

  • Blocked sites

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Facebook and Twitter remain blocked since 2009 and the New York Times was blocked in 2012 after it published an article which wasn’t appreciated by the government.

  • Cave dwellers

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The porous soils of Shaanxi province make it easy for residents to dig caves and live in it. Reportedly, China has 35 million cave dwellers.

  • Water contamination

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About half of Chinese population drink contaminated water every day. Only ten percent of raw sewage is treated while the rest in discharged into water bodies.

  • Time Zones

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Despite being one the largest countries on the planet, China works on one-time zone- Beijing Time Zone. Decided by the communist government in 1949, this has led to ungodly hours of sunrise and sunset in the country.

  • Piracy

China boasted of 78 percent of pirated software download in 2010. Globally, the numbers hover around 42 percent, which is half of what it is in China.

  • Birth defects


Since 2001, birth defects have witnessed an increase of 40 percent. Around 1.2 million babies in China have birth defects.

  • Christianity


As surprising as it may sound, China has a booming Christian population. They already have more Christians than Italy. However, the government has put on a limit in Christianity conversion every month to keep in check the population.

  • Dwarf Theme Park

The Kingdom Of Little People in China is a theme park where dwarfs put up a show for the tourists. They are about 100 dwarfs employed by the park.

  • Ghost Towns


The country has more ghost towns than anywhere else in the world. There are about 65 million vacant houses in the country. Some of the vacant houses have expensive price tags which an average Chinese cannot afford.

  • Growing Gobi desert


One of the largest and majestic deserts in the world, Gobi desert, is rapidly expanding due to overgrazing, water source depletion and massive deforestation.

It is time China checks upon itself rather than becoming a sore eye for the neighbours.


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