China Showcases New Weapons As A Warning To Everyone Involved In The South China Sea Dispute

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Updated on 23 Jul, 2016 at 3:23 pm


Long-range missiles are among the latest arsenal Chinese military recently unveiled days after a South China Sea ruling that went against them.

The weapons were aired on state television following calls by Chinese top brass that the military should be “combat ready”.

CCTV, China’s state-owned media, showed weapons such as DF-16 missile, which has a range of range up to 1,000km and can strike the US base in Japan’s Okinawa Island.



The DF-16 missile system. DefenseWorld

South China Morning Post reported on July 23 that the Southern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) showcased the weapons during a visit by top military officers.


General Fan Changlong, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, said, “Air and sea patrols should be tightly organised to handle all kinds of emergencies to ensure security of sea and air borders.”

Among the weapons are the new H-6K bombers and a division of jets, both of which were shown in the footage. The H-6K is a formidable bomber which is also dubbed as China’s B-52.



Chinese-made H-6K bomber. WarisComing

Experts said that the kinds of weapons on display are defensive in nature indicating that China is only trying to scare the US from getting more involved in the South China Sea dispute.

China has vehemently denounced the July 12 ruling delivered in The Hague calling it “ill-founded” and “naturally null and void”.


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