Their “Dream Wedding” Was A Party Thrown For 500 Underprivileged Kids As Guests

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6:00 pm 10 Jan, 2017


In a time where weddings are nothing less than extravagant and grand, often frivolous to be precise, Surabhi and Hemanth’s wedding comes as sigh of relief to all those looking forward to a meaningful wedding ceremony.

Surabhi has been pretty skeptical about wedding rituals ever since she was a child. As a result of which, she sat down with Hemanth and their respective families to tailor a perfect set of hand-picked, meaningful rituals by combining Kannadiga and Haryanvi rituals.

We picked and chose what made sense to our circumstance, what was in sync with our times and finalized on a lovely set of auspicious rituals with which we started our journey.




For their reception, they cultivated the idea of organizing a charity reception on November 6, 2016. Surabhi did a Facebook Live few days prior to the wedding to not just announce her wedding but to urge all her friends to volunteer their service on her reception.



The response was so overwhelming that they decided to open an online portal “SevaSeShaadi” whereby requested guests not to bring any gifts and instead donate the money to different organizations working with underprivileged kids.


I dreamt of a wedding that was more than the usual. And what better than to have kids be part of the occasion, especially those who never get invited to such parties.” remarks Surabhi. “The inspiration for a charity reception for kids came from serving food in the Sikh tradition of ‘Langar’ in a Gurudwara”,adds Hemanth.



They partnered with Samarthanam Trust to invite 250 differential able children and organisations like NELE (a caring home for destitute children), Youth for Seva, Seva Café, etc to invite another 250 children. They also requested their friends to bring a child – a domestic help, a ragpicker anyone they meet in their daily life.

Right from musical shows, mehendi workshops, dance, face painting to Origami, the reception party was a successful event with 500 happy kids having the time of their lives. Surabhi-Hemant’s friends not just volunteered to service and manage the event but also entertained the kids by playing music, dancing and applying Mehendi on the hands of these kids. Sharing on Facebook, they all agreed how inspiring the experience has been.



For anyone thinking to make the most important day of their lives extra-special, Hemant Surabhi’s wedding story is an inspiration to look upto. Indeed, there is no greater celebration than giving.

“You can have money, power and all the material things that life can offer, but the joy that comes from serving people who don’t even have the bare minimum is unparalleled. Our humble effort is like a drop in an ocean and by involving our friends and family in this initiative, we are hoping they too understand what it is to serve, share or give and, hopefully, the feeling they go back with shall inspire them to try and give back to society in their own modest way. Every drop counts.”



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