20 Changes We’d Like To See In Bollywood

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Updated on 21 Jan, 2016 at 5:55 pm


Bollywood has a huge impact on Indian masses. People imitate style, dialogues and actions from Bollywood stars. Doesn’t the industry have some responsibility to the devoted fans who throng theaters to watch those age-old love stories with happy endings, aging heroes playing youngsters, stone faced mannequin-like heroines and decade -old stereotype comedians, villains, parents and lovers? Let us check out what changes Bollywood can make in the coming year.


1. Stop making ‘Kyon Ki’s’ out of classic films like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ or ‘Sarkar’ out of ‘The Godfather’.

Give us originals.


2. Stop glorifying drinking and going crazy by leading stars.

BTW, people cannot break a bottle and get over their drinking problem overnight.


3. Stop using mental institutions for comedic relief.

Are mental institutions comedy centrals?


4. Special plea to SRK – do not encourage people to get on moving trains or dance on top of them.

It leads to fatal accidents.


5. Do not mislead girls by showing dramatic changes in playboys or Casanovas.


6. How is it possible that every character misses plane, train or bus when their love realizes they have been wrong and rush to meet them?

How long are you going to bank on the drama created by ‘Crocodile Dundee’?


7. We love music, but should every lead character sing and dance?

Doctors, police officers, thugs and everyone else?


8. Why don’t we have Bollywood movies about middle-aged heroines? Get some good roles for actresses with grown-up kids?

Why is it always ‘Sheila ki jawani’ type heroines?


9. Do not glorify stalkers. Stalking is not right.


10. No matter who you are, ek thappad will not make any difference to people’s personalities.



11. Why should the desi girl or boy always get their love?

Give us something that we do not expect to see.


12. Do not ignore facts completely.

A smart audience cannot accept the six balls an over in ‘Lagaan’, or the two-year long pregnancy of Preity Zinta in ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.


13. The dishum dishum punching sounds that accompany fights need to be updated.

When are we going to grow up Bollywood?


14. Stop copying music and using senseless lyrics to go with it, especially English rap.

We are capable of better lyrics than ‘Main toh bhel puri kha raha tha, teri nani mari toh main kya karoon’?


15. Where are the real Indians in our cinema? Either the families are highly traditional or extra westernized.

Get real Indians on screen.


16. Stop vulgar item numbers and provocative songs just for the heck of it without any connection to the story line.


17. Good girls falling in love with bad boys and transforming them into good guys.

Enough of that as well.


18. Not everyone has moms who are super sacrificing or with a supernatural connection to their kids.

Makes real moms feel useless.


19. Kids from another planet who aren’t anything like we see in our lives.


20. KISS – not Emraan Hashmi – kind but keep it short and simple.

You don’t have to drag the movie for three hours.



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