Change In Electoral System Needed To Eliminate Corruption

Updated on 8 Jan, 2018 at 4:39 pm


In our society, people talk about corruption now and then. Last time the BJP launched a tirade against corruption and gained an absolute majority in the center. None other than Corruption was the forefront and took a central place in the Indian politics. Not only in governance, in media as well, it pushed back all the topics to the back bench. But we the Indians have a habit of forgetting and forgiving the ills of our politicians. Corruption was not an issue until Lalu punished for his ‘deeds’ in the fodder scam.

The Fodder Scam Case


Now corruption is once again the dearest topic in Indian media, as well as for the commoners. Although this is not the first time, Lalu has been punished in the Fodder Scam case. This is the second case related to the Fodder Scam where Lalu has been sentenced to 3 and half years in jail. He has also been slapped Rs 5 lakh fine by the Ranchi court. Lalu is a synonym for the corruption in Indian politics but is he isolated as far as corruption in politics is concerned? The answer is no. All the political parties are in the same boat.

The honesty is very scarce commodity in Indian politics. It is well known to the people in common as who is the honest leader. As such only punishing Lalu, Indian politics is not going o be cleaned so early.

Corrupt And Lavish

For the very long our political leaders enjoyed unfettered right to lead a lavish life of corruption. If we see minutely, there is an umbilical cord between ruling party and the opposition parties. Why so? It is not difficult to discover the reason behind it. If ‘X’ is ruling today tomorrow ‘Y’ will replace them. So, this is only the friendly match. I will put certain events in support of it, though all are in public domain.


It is not worthful to talk the corruption of the Congress party. Besides the grand old party progressively inching towards extinction, public repeatedly punishing them by throwing them out of power in different states. BJP has taken the center stage as they have strongly changed the table of the rule. Modi vehemently assured to eradicate the corruption and came into power. But Wrongdoers of the UPA government are yet to be punished, be it Robert Vadra or Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar. Modi seems transparent but BJP ruled states not.

GST was proved to be the death nail for the corruption, but there were several rollbacks probably due to fear of vote erosion.

Last but not the least center even annuls the advice of Apex court regarding the appointment of Lokpal. It has been kept in abeyance on the silly reason of the absence of opposition leaders.

As such it’s loony to talk about political corruption. Our leaders are eclectic who always assure to eradicate corruption but as soon as they come into the power they start moving in an established way.

Our political system is unfettered with rampant evils. First of all, we should agree that the root of corruption is existing electoral system. The black money plays a great role in the elections. It is well known that our major political parties don’t declare their funding. All of them are reluctant to divulge the source of income. They maintain secrecy. The corruption starts from here.

In nutshell, the government must come forward with the idea of massive change in the electoral system, to minimize or eliminate corruption. So far it seems to bring the moon to the earth. This show will go on and the common people would be made fool more often.


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