How Will You Choose A Dress Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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3:37 pm 13 Feb, 2017


Some believe in it, some don’t. But none of that changes the fact that Astrology is a science. While I am not sure how horoscope predictions have fared up until now, the traits of zodiac signs have always shown their loyalty to me. In fact, our sense of style is a direct reflection of our personality. Needless to say, zodiacs do have a say in our wardrobe palette.

Chilly winters have made way for blossoming flowers and colourful butterflies as we reach mid-February. It’s time to throw away those oversized sweaters and make room for some pretty spring dresses in the wardrobe.

Here’s what each sign of the zodiac should pick up as their debut spring dress:


Bold, fiery and independent, Aries you don’t mind making your own style statement. Be it the craziest of runway style, you are all game to pick it up with sheer bravery. Yet, there’s a no-fuss attitude in your outfits. It feels fresh, bold and risque.

This white dress with net detailing on neck, waist, and bottom is just the perfect pick for your fresh, spring mood.


Price: Rs. 1299

Buy here. 


Dreamy is the word for you. Your style is easy-breezy, flowing and comfortable. You hate routine and, like a chameleon, your mood and style switch in a jiffy. Colors, prints, laces or layers – you love them all as long as they don’t scream for attention. Nevertheless, you are always on a lookout for something different. Subtle and pretty is what you have your eyes on.

This subtle, pale blue carnation dress with frills on the neck is a perfect pick for you flowy Piscean.



Price: Rs. 1049

Buy here. 



Eccentric and original, fashion trends least bother you. You dig out what you love and stick by it. There’s a major element of boho-vibe in your outfits as you keep coming with the best of ways to wear your everyday outfits. You are a water carrier and so there is always an element of water in your style. Serenity works best for you.

Channelize your boho and watery vibe with this Myntra cold shoulder, white and blue printed dress.


Price: Rs. 1539  Rs. 1077

Buy here



Capricorns are those earthly creatures who won’t jump off the radar, ever. They’ll stick by their safe, solid and classic choices. Nevertheless, their style is a head turner because goddamn, it’s basic and effortless AF. Their dressing sense is just a reflection of who they are: serious and independent.

This solid mustard dress is a perfect pick for you Capricorns who talk all business.



Price: Rs. 1800

Buy here.



Fun and adventurous, this fire sign loves to hop outdoors, mingle with people and have one helluva time. You don’t care about how you’re perceived and your style speaks just that. A Saggi will always choose something comfortable for your swiftness and blingy for your upbeat party vibe.

Pick this super-cool, sequined, gold and white T-shirt dress and go on singing ‘Imma cool girl, imma imma cool girl’



Price: 1590

Buy here


You’re sexy, bewitching but totally goofy, Scorpion woman! Your style consists of sneaky laces and cut-outs. You don’t play by the rules – unless they are set by you. You don’t need much to show off the bawse vibe in you. You can get an array of men drooling over you even with a simple LBD and a sexy pair of stilettos. Slaying is your alternate profession.

Pick this red cut-out, one shoulder, bodycon dress to channel your sexy vibes in this season of love.




Price: Rs. 899

Buy here


Airy and flirty, you Librans have spunk in your style. You love florals and prints just as much as you love laces and sheer georgettes. You might not be expressive about your love for fashion but you take yourselves quite seriously, especially when you’re always ready to pucker up and pose. Librans love their selfie game!

Pick this dress for its floral and cut-out midriff design to spring up this spring, Librans!

Price: Rs. 840

Buy here


Pretty in pink Virgos! You are so feminine and soft that whites and pinks mostly rule your wardrobe. Your hardworking nature might keep your softer side in wraps, but your style speaks of it, Virgos. You always manage to steal the attention with your flirty vibes – admit it, guys!

Add this pale pink, half-lace dress with pockets to your wardrobe this spring as you bring out the real you, Virgos.



Price: Rs. 1099

Buy here


You’ve generally got their fashion quite on-point. Fierce and loyal, a Leo woman is a go-getter – and you channelize the same thought in your fashion. While most of what you sport is classic, there will always be an element screaming attention in your outfit. After all, like a true Leo, you do like all eyes to be on you when you walk in the room. Don’t you?

Pick this off shoulder, shift dress with floral prints to keep it classic and eye-catching with your uber confident attitude, Leo!



Price: Rs. 2200

Buy here


These water signs are beach bums. Cancer girls, you are emotional and soft. Your styling sense, however, is simple and practical with just a hint of vintage drama. Also, you love denims – denim shorts, denim ripped jeans or even a denim dress, for that matter.

Pick this casual denim dress as you take a walk on a beach this spring.



Price: Rs. 1899

Buy here. 


A born rebel, Geminis beats their own drum. Your dual personality keeps your wardrobe much in variation. You will pretty much be dressed in an eccentric outfit every time you march out of your home. It’s not for nothing that fellow Gemini, Sonam Kapoor, is the style icon of Bollywood. For Geminis, the only rule is that there are no rules.

Pick this one Gemini, for we all know, no one but only you can carry this dress with suave.



Price: Rs. 1494

Buy here



Earthy and practical, a Taurus chooses comfort over everything. While you are art lovers, when it comes to your fashion sense, you’d watch the show rather lead it. Taureans hate changes. Therefore, you like playing it safe and stick to familiar classic styles. Trends do not appeal o you but being your materialistic self, you know how to differentiate between street wear and label.

Solid, practical and familiar blue – this dress is everything a Taurus needs in her life.



Price: Rs. 1900

Buy here



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