In Just 3 Minutes, These Patients Will Tell You How To Beat Life With Humor

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Updated on 2 Apr, 2017 at 8:06 pm


Life is a gift, but do we really cherish and value it? No, most of us, don’t. We keep living our lives just the way people expect from us, and before we realize that we haven’t lived at all, death knocks at the door. Oops, the time is up. The truth is, what is now is life, tomorrow is uncertain.

And this is what these terminally ill patients tried to convey in a powerful and funny video. It is easier to understand life through comedy because laughter is the “cheapest” dose.

One of the patients, Pooran Issarsingh, defeating life with humor.



Watch this full video and enjoy their funny wisdom, and you will know what are you missing out in life.


The video has been shared by “End Of Life Care India” in association with IAPC (The Indian Association of Palliative Care) with a purpose to help patients to be fearless and laugh at death.


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