He Drives An Auto Without Legs Since He Lost Them In A Train Accident, A True Inspiration

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2016 at 10:32 am


The story of this auto driver from Ranchi is an inspirational tale for those who loose confidence when the going gets tough.

8 years ago, Bunty Gupta faced a traumatising situation. He lost his legs in a train accident. His case was so critical that the local hospital could not treat him, and recommended him to be taken to Ranchi’s RIMS (The Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences) for specialized treatment.




Within 2.5 years Bunty’s family spent around Rs. 17 Lakh on his treatment.

As Bunty was the sole bread earner, the entire family had to face a big setback. To meet the expenses, his wife took up household jobs and the rest of it was compensated with loans.



No matter how how testing the times were, Bunty’s family always stood by his side. He was recommended bed rest for next 3 years, unable to move at all. He would look upto his wife for the simplest needs.




Bunty’s legs were gone and prosthetic legs were the only way out. For this, he would have to travel to Delhi or Jaipur.

After some more struggle, he got a pair of prosthetic legs in Ranchi itself, with which he could now drive the auto. Practicing for days helped him to become the bread earner of his family again.

Life had changed. This accident had transformed the families life. But, despite more burdens to bear, none of them gave up. They tried seeking help from the government, but they got was Rs. 700 per month.



Today people salute him for his courage when they see him driving his auto without legs.

He cannot walk with his artificial legs, only drive his auto. If he wants to walk, he will need another Rs. 20 lakhs.

Earlier he used to earn up to thousand rupees per day, but now with prosthetic legs he could only earn from Rs 500 to Rs 600.

We Salute to Bunty’s courage and such strong will power.

Someone has said it right, koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti!


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