Aligarh: Agitated Hindu Families Plan Exodus After Clashes, Police Ask Them To Reconsider

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Updated on 24 Jul, 2016 at 9:15 pm


After Kairana, another Uttar Pradesh town Aligarh is in news with reports suggesting that Hindu families are packing their bags to leave the town.

In Aligarh’s Babri Mandi, a Muslim-dominated area, some Hindu families have approached the district administration and have requested the authorities to buy their property as they don’t feel safe living in them.

Representational Image - UP police huffingtonpost.

Representational Image – UP police huffingtonpost.

Aligarh mayor Shakuntala Bharti, who accompanied the families to the district magistrate’s office, said that people belonging to one community were making it difficult for these families to continue living in their houses in the Babri Mandi area.

According to her, women belonging to Hindu families are being subjected to harassment and eve-teasing.

The most recent case happened few days back when a newly married 19-year-old woman had her sari pulled by men from a different community. The incident led to stone pelting between two groups.

Banner for 'house on sale' in Babri Mandi ibnlinve

Banner for ‘house on sale’ in Babri Mandi ibnlinve

“They tried to get hold of my ‘pallu’ while I was on the bike (which her husband was riding). They held my neck and dragged me by hair towards a secluded lane. I shouted but no one came to help. When my husband intervened, he was attacked with a knife,” the victim told a newspaper.

She claimed that police did not lodge a complaint of loot despite the fact that the attackers looted her gold chain, ‘mangalsutra’ and her cell phone.

According to her, the police recovered the phone, but they could not find out her other items. She also said that the police are refusing to conduct an identification parade.

Similar posters came up during Kairana protests vicharsuchak

Similar posters came up during Kairana protests vicharsuchak

“Our daughters are not safe here. Hooliganism and harassment are the order of the day. The roads are narrow and some boys from a different community sit on both sides of the path making it difficult for our girls to even go to school. Many of them have refused to attend class fearing for their safety,” said a resident of the area.

As per SP MLA Zafar Alam, the police is misbehaving with women of their community on the pretext of carrying out raids to arrest the accused.

Police are reportedly trying to convince them to change their mind.


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