Alia Bhatt Shares Five Best Valentine Gifts To Spoil Your Boyfriend

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9:17 pm 12 Feb, 2017


It’s the season of Love, fellas! Valentines Day is almost here and you might have already planned a romantic evening with someone. But have you had your gifts sorted out? It’s not just the guys who should show you all the love by pampering you with gifts every now and then. You are an independent, modern girl and you have every right to spoil your #bae this Valentine Day.



Alia Bhatt has five amazing ideas for you, in case you haven’t already picked up something sweet for your boyfriend. Here’s what she shared on the launch of Cornetto Red Velvet Limited edition ice cream:

1. Sneakers

All boys have a soft corner for the latest pair of kicks, and there is no such thing as too many sneakers. A pair of limited edition sneakers is sure to do the trick.

2. Swiss army knife 

 This is for the outdoorsy, adventure-seeking man, while this is something on the pricey side it is something he will truly treasure on each trip.



 This is for someone who loves old school charm a time piece would be a great way to say that you will love him for all time.


4. Books

A signed copy or a limited edition print of his favourite book would be his prized possession forever.

Hope you’re all set for a love-ly Valentines, girls!



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