Akshay Sends Out A Message About Mental Health That Every Youngster Should Listen To

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Updated on 3 May, 2017 at 5:19 pm


We live in the troubled times, and stress is our closest companion. We are suffering all kinds of stress; relationship stress, exam stress, stress, health stress and so on. The list is endless. And unfortunately, for millennials, the cure is only one – suicide.

They say life is priceless, then, why have we forgotten its value?

This is what Akshay Kumar talks about in his new video regarding mental issues. With suicides rate increasing rapidly, there is an immediate need that both students and parents are rightly educated about this acute problem. Because they are the ones, who will able to eradicate it, together.

In the video, the khiladi shared his heartful conversation with his dad, when he had failed in his exam, and it will inspire you to find your strength, ignore your weaknesses.


This is what makes Akshay a genuine superstar. 


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