9 Steps In Budget 2018 Will Ensure Power To People!

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6:46 pm 23 Jan, 2018


Union Budget 2018 is the talking point. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday claimed that it was a myth that people wanted sops and freebies, indicating that Union Budget 2018 won’t be a populist one.  No doubt, this is going to be tight.

In a pre-budget discussion at Kolkata, noted industrialist Manoj Kumar Singh on Tuesday hoped this budget will ensure every pie of citizens to go into the hands of nation-builders. Singh who is the Chairman of Nampa Group of Companies has suggested in a press note about 9 steps that would ensure power to people.

1. NDA government should take concrete steps for the employment of the youth of the country.

2. Review of farm product prices.



3. Educational priority to boost the morale of the new generation. ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ will be an example.

4. To ensure sharing of all communities in infra-projects (especially in backward states). It would reduce cost and time of the projects. At the same time, it will help struggling entrepreneurs.

5. To decentralise infra-projects especially in payment to boost up morality.

6. One nation and one rate to avoid tendering cost day to day for typical items. It would reduce costs of the projects.

7. If our farmers and soldiers can meet up the food and border problems, why not infra-projects and education can be done!

8. To tighten bankers and other systems so the poorest of poor get opportunities.

9. Review of indirect taxes as assesses.



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