2016 Might Not Have Fulfilled Our Dreams, But Perhaps It Was Getting Us Ready To Live Them In 2017

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7:55 pm 23 Dec, 2016


2016 in a nutshell.



I think it was important to place this rather “fuck-yeah” video before I begin. 2016 was one of those in-between years you will never place your finger on with a highlight tab on Facebook.  For most of us, we got no phenomenal job changes, no life-altering love story, none of the fancy things we were dreaming of at the beginning of the year. The remaining, their snaps and stories only made us feel worse about our year coming to an end as we patiently reminded ourselves – “Shush, everyone is on their own journey.

But did that help much?

I mean we all were practically freaking out as December began. I won’t say it was an uneventful year. There were opportunities, plenty. There were surprises too – along with some shocks. But the thing so happened was, it came around like a lingering bait. As soon as we jumped to bag it, it slipped away. And it so happened, so many times, that as December came we were convinced 2016 is a sucky year.




It’s annoying, man.

Here’s an end to one more year. Here’s a start to one more year. I’d hate to re-assess this year with check lists. Honestly, nothing is checked on – not a new job, not a flashy blog, not a starry following on Instagram, not a travel bucket list, not a good-looking salary package my Dad could boast about to his friends, not even round rotis and definitely not someone to bring in the New Years with or write poems for. None. The sound of another year with zero progress and slipping deadlines sounds dreadful.

What did you do in 2016?





But in spite of a blank paper in front of me, I have my journal full. Emptied two diaries in a year, I certainly must have had a lot to vent out. And as I see people around me, I see everyone with a shine in their eyes I never saw it before. Our outside world looks unchanged and yet so much has transpire in us that everything inside us has changed.

2016 has been a year of lessons.

It might not have brought to us what we wanted at the beginning of the year, but probably because we didn’t know what we deserve. 2016 has tossed everything in a way that it’s not just us who have changed but our priorities too. And if there’s something still standing strong in spite of everything, it’s giving us reasons why it has been this way. Perhaps it’s meant to be and after this fight with our inner selves, it’s time we let go of our egos and truly step in with a renewed versions of ourselves in 2017.

I am not saying 2017 must be a bed of roses, nothing would ever be. But if 2016 has been of salt and water mixed, we can definitely expect some sweetness on our way, now that we have our wisdom tooth in place. How would I know this? 2016 taught me.



Thank you 2016 for being this annoying editor of my life. I, perhaps, needed you.


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